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Mad Hatter Juice

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About Mad Hatter Juice

“That is the stupidest,” Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland, said after parting company with the Mad Hatter, “tea party I was ever at I my life”; which was, of course, under the circumstances, fair enough. But, when it came to all things Mad Hatter, Alice had only had the opportunity to sample the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. Of course, what she hadn’t had the opportunity to try out, possibly owing to the fact she was living in Victorian England, was the Mad Hatter’s Vape Juice Party. Had she done so, her view of the world, not to say her view of all things Mad Hatter, would have been entirely different. And she probably wouldn’t have needed to keep nibbling on those mushrooms. Instead, she could have reveled in the delicious desert flavored and thick vapor clouded E-liquids that exemplify the Mad Hatter vape juice brand.

And, with the Lighter USA rabbit hole, she could have saved money.

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