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Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizers

About Cannabis Concentrate Vaporizers

Unlike the dry herb vapes, extract vaporizers really do create vapor by using a battery to heat a special cannabis concentrate that you inhale like smoke. In this way, the biggest change in how you use this product from other forms of vaping is simply the medium, as extract vapes are commonly available in pen form (though box mods are also a good choice if you like something a little bigger in your hand).

That said, there are some other key differences that help extra vaping stand out. For starters, you don't need to worry about grinding any dry herbs, so that's pretty convenient. The oil used in extract vapes also comes in a ton of different flavors, meaning you don't have to settle for just the standard herb taste. Additionally, the biggest drawback for these vapes would simply be user error. Filling your vape with the oil can be a bit precarious if you're inexperienced, especially since it stains like nothing else. So long as you're careful, though, it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

Just like with the dry herb vapes, you can find a ton of brands offering great extract vaporizers. Pulsar's APX Volt is a solid box that comes in a number of colors with some cool safety features. The Yocan Evolve Plus is another great item and happens to be a bestseller thanks to its slim and stylish design that almost invokes a cigar style. iKrusher's VFire is another pen-type vape that's easy to use for first timers and has a low price point to match.

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