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About E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes hit the scene several years back and have been changing the way we smoke ever since. More and more, people are leaving behind traditional tobacco for this alternative. While neither option can really be called a "healthy" way to smoke, e-cigs are certainly more convenient than the normal cigarette and generally do involve inhaling fewer carcinogenic chemicals. That plus the many, many ways to customize your e-cig experience mean there's plenty of reasons to make the switch.

That's really what we're covering here today. Whether you're new to the world of electronic cigarettes or already a veteran smoker, you can use this great product guide to help you find exactly what you might be looking for at the Lighter USA storefront. We have tons of different things to go over, so let's not waste any time as we preview some of our best e-cig products.

Starter Kits

If you're a first-timer, our starter kits might be a good place to look for getting some basic equipment. Our e-cig catalog has a full section dedicated to good cigarettes for new smokers, all for some of the lowest prices you can find on the site. That way you can afford to experiment with different e-cigs, flavors, brands, and more all without breaking the bank. One of our standouts is the Suorin Air Plus, a slim and effective little number made by Foxconn (those are the guys that make iPhones). Available in a decent selection of colors and designed to be so foolproof even a court jester couldn't mess things up, they're a fine introduction to electronic cigarettes that don't fall into the trap of being a complete eyesore like many a beginner-type product you might find elsewhere.

Name Brands

For the prices we've got, you might be expecting some cheap knock off goods that break after one use. You might be surprised to learn, however, that we don't have time for all of that. You can expect plenty of the brands even a newcomer will likely have heard about, including Juul, Suorin, Smok, OneVape, and more. Smok in particular is one of our favorites given how it's probably the leading e-cig in the world right now, so we've got tons of products from them ranging from the Smok Novo to the Smok X plus their coils. The fact we run an online store means we don't have to have products competing for space, either, so we're fairly confident in saying we have one of the best selections of products in terms of variety you'll find online while outpacing many of the brick-and-mortar vape shops you might stumble into.


Anyone who knows vapes will tell you that your coil is one of the most crucial parts of your hold setup. Without the proper atomizer, you'd be better off trying to smoke a campfire. That's why we stock tons of quality coils from numerous brands big and small so you can find the one that's right for you. Remember the big-name brands we listed before? We've got replacement coils for most of their products. But maybe all this talk of coils doesn't really mean much to you. If that's the case, you should take a test run on the OneVape AirMOD 60. Not only is it a handsomely-designed piece of hardware with a great capacity, it comes with three different types of coil with three different ratings of ohms (for simplicity, think of that like sizes for the time being). It's a real Goldilocks situation, the three-in-one coil deal here allowing you to try a variety of products from the coils themselves to the different e-liquids to see what you like best. Speaking of liquids, more experienced smokers will be happy to know that we've got coils that can handle both salt and non-salt juices, so have at it.


Whether you're hoping to get started at a reasonable price or just want to save some money, Lighter USA has a ton of different deals you might want to take advantage of when you're shopping around with us. For starters, we've got a clearance section with a constantly-rotating set of products. Unlike other stores, we don't just use this to try to dump old products that won't sell at lower prices; instead, going to clearance is almost a badge of honor on our site since it regularly contains some of our most popular and best-selling products. Suorin Edge, Renova Zero, Suorin Vagon, Next Minds, Just Fogs, Kanger Uboat, OVNS cookie, and JC02 are just a small sampling of the things that rotate out through here. Tucked away in this section are also just a ton of different box mods, skin wraps for your e-cigs, rechargeable batteries, charging docks, and a whole lot more beyond those big brands. To sweeten the deal a little more, a lot of our clearance items are also BOGO, so you can get a new e-cig for yourself and one for a friend (or just a backup if you're stingy). No matter how experienced you are as a smoker, this is a fantastic way to save on some new gear.

New Products

Beyond all our established brands and items, we also pride ourselves on constantly looking for new and exciting items to add to our catalog. With our e-cigs, in particular, you can always see what's new under a specific tab on our dropdown header. If you're the kind of person who's always up for something new or feels like branching out from the tried and true, definitely keep your eyes on us. Whether it's new mods, new juice, some fun accessories, or even new deals in our clearance section, we've always got something a little different going on at Lighter USA.

So if you're looking for a place to buy all your e-cig accessories, Lighter USA has you covered. And even if that's not your cup of tea (or tobacco in your pipe, maybe?), we've also got a huge selection of traditional smoking paraphernalia and vaping equipment you might like. Check us out and see what you can find.

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