Dry Herb Cannabis Vaporizers

Our dry herb vapes or flower vapes use heat conduction and convection to boil off the goods to produce clean vapor. Take a peek at our best selection of portable dry herb vaporizers to taste the herbs without the smoke.



What are Dry Herb Cannabis Vaporizers?

A dry cannabis vaporizer is probably the product most similar to what you might be used to. Dry vaporizers heat up your cannabis either through convection heating or normal combustion, the end result being that the herb gets lit and you get smoke.

One of the biggest advantages of a dry cannabis vape is its convenience compared to more traditional smoking methods. Like other vapes, you won't need to spend money on paper or clean a whole bong whenever you want to smoke. What cleaning or maintenance you will have to do is pretty minor all things considered. As for downsides, they'll really depend on what you end up buying. Some vaporizers have temperature control features to help regulate the heat while others don't, and the time it takes for the herb to burn varies anywhere from a few seconds to a whole minute. You'll also need to give it a little time to cool off before you put it away somewhere.

If this sounds like something you could get behind, you'll have a lot of brands to choose from. Pax is a good way to start off given their reputation for variety and user-friendliness. The always reliable Yocan has a nice selection all on its own with both the HIT and Vane. For the more experienced, you can try the Storz & Bickel Volcano that comes with its own herb grinder, though it's not exactly something you can shove in your pocket (we'll talk more about that a little later).