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About Kanger

As one of the first high tech companies in China to enter the electronic personal vaporizer market, Kangertech has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing advanced vaping devices, vape kits, vape accessories, and vape mods since 2007. Justly famous for its widely acclaimed Aero, Mega, and Pro range of vaporizers, Kangertech's dedication to innovation, cutting edge technology, and premium quality materials have earned the brand a first class reputation across the globe. Today, they are increasingly best known as a top of the line and market leading creator and producer of vaping accessories and especially of premium quality vape mods – most notably its highly advanced and technologically distinguished range of subtanks and clearomizers – all designed to deliver a truly outstanding vaping experience. From superior batteries to comprehensive box mod starter kits, from advanced vape mods to replacement heating coils, Kangertech ensures a premium product.

And with Lighter USA, a premium product doesn’t have to come at a premium price.

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