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Best Vape Pens

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If you are a bit new to vaping, you may have noticed the wide variety of options you have, from devices to flavors. You may even be wondering where to start your search. Vape pens are a popular option and give you plenty of choices to meet your vaping needs.  Vape pens are handheld devices that utilize a battery to heat up your wax, dry herbs, juice, or oils. Some devices even allow you the versatility of switching between these. Most people visualize a slender, pen-like body when hearing vape pen, but you’ll notice they can come in various forms. Although your choice of vaping device ultimately comes down to preferences, there are a variety of features you may want to take into consideration when making your selection. We’ve put together a helpful guide to various pens that are not only favorites of ours, but our customers as well. Let’s take a look at the options…


A Bit About Your Pen Choices

e-Liquid Vape Pens

What you may know as either vape juice, e-liquid, or e-juice has become wildly popular with an enormous range of flavors and nicotine strength levels to choose from. The liquids are used with this vape pen style; designed with a reservoir which holds the liquid.  Other types of pens are designed with a heating chamber. The atomizer, with silica or cotton wick, absorbs the liquid, heats up, then turns the liquid to vapor.

Dry Vape Pens

A dry vaping pen will carefully heat the plant material without scorching it. It is specifically designed to heat up at lower temperatures for this reason. A lower temperature setting will bring out more flavor and is an easier hit on your throat. Heating chambers in dry pens are also built to last the life of the pen since they heat differently and don’t accumulate residue as other vape pen styles do. They do, however, take up more energy to heat up the chamber. Cleaning a dry pen is fairly quick and easy.

Wax Vape Pens

You want to choose a waxed pen if you plan on vaping shatter, crumble, or various other wax concentrates. The chamber in a wax pen is heated by coils typically made with quartz rods and nickel-chromium alloy. The coils and chamber will need to be replaced when they burn out or accumulate too much waxy residue. You may want to note that wax pens can be a bit messy when it comes to loading. Some users prefer not to deal with sticky product and the cleanup that goes with it. One way around this is to invest in a dab tool to help you load your pen.

Oil Vape Pens

Oil vape pens must heat up enough to turn the oil concentrate into vapor. It does heat up in a similar way as an e-liquid pen but uses a steel or metal plate to do so. These pens are typically odorless, so vaping oil is more concealed.


The Vape Pens

Grenco G Pen Pro

The Grenco G Pen Pro is a dry pen that has a very stylish design with a flush button that doubles as the power and heating control. It is constructed from a very light aluminum, making this already portable pen even more appealing. The G Pen is known as a “session” pen; staying heated until turned off, as opposed to requiring the user to press the button per draw. It has a great feel and fit in the palm of your hand and is small enough to hide away in your pocket or purse easily. You’ll also receive a special stir tool and cleaning brush with the pen.

Pulsar APX 2

The Pulsar APX 2 is a great portable device that only requires 30 seconds to heat up. This dry vape pen comes in a wide variety of colors and designs to fit every personality. The battery can last you up to two hours and its ceramic chamber helps ensure an even burn.

Yocan Explore

The Yocan Explorer is another great option that allows you to use your choice of dry herb or wax. This device uses smart memory technology, allowing the battery to remember what you used for your last temperature setting. For many, this is a great feature, since you will no longer have the need to manually reconfigure your heat preferences every time you vape. The Explorer provides many temperature options and comes with a stir pin built into the mouthpiece.

Yocan Evolve 2.0

The Evolve 2.0 is a compact vaping pen that allows you to use e-juices, concentrates, and oils and provides you with a removable magnetic pod for each. This all-in-one pod system is known for its smoothness and allows the user to adjust to the preferred voltage level. The Evolve 2.0 vape pen is available in four colors, and we know you’ll love the versatility it provides.

Yocan Revolve Wax Vaporizer

Another Yocan vaping favorite is the Revolve Wax Vaporizer. This vaping pen is known for its low-temperature, quartz crystal heating, which allows for 100% flavor extraction. With continuous heating of 10 seconds, concentrates are perfectly warmed. The slender design and five appealing color choices help make this one of our Yocan favorites.

Yocan Flick Vape

The Flick vaporizer is a great choice for oil and wax users and comes with an atomizer for each. It is even compatible with some cartridges you may already have. This portable vape has a convenient flip-top lid that keeps the mouthpiece clean and the battery protected. The Flick comes in four color choices and allows you to continue vaping even while you’re charging.

Atmos Micro Pal Kit

At just over 2 inches tall, the Micro Pal is an amazingly powerful device for its tiny size. This is easily one of the smallest vapes on the market and makes a great addition to any vape collection. You’ll love having four voltage settings to choose from and the ability to use wax or oil.

Yocan Hive 2

The Hive 2.0 is an attractive vaporizer made to use with a juice and concentrates. The device comes with a magnetic connecting atomizer which is easily refillable and leak resistance. Features such as an oil level window, charging port, and voltage lights are features that are well blended into the body so they do not take away from its modern design.

MYLE Vapor

If you’re just looking to test the waters by starting off with something easy to use, this may be the perfect vaping option for you. The MYLE Vapor is what’s known as a closed pod system; the juice is nonrefillable. All you need to do is charge it and vape. The refill pods come in four -packs and are easy to replace. There’s no fuss or mess. Its battery will last you around six hours and it produces an amazing flavor. The slender design makes it easy to take with you anywhere.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL

The Evolve Plus XL impresses with its instant heat up and is built with four coils, which result in large vapor clouds. This device even comes with a magnetic lid and secret silicon lined compartment for storing your wax. The larger size of this model allows for more concentrate, which may be an added bonus for some.

Suorin Vagon Starter Kit

The Suorin Vagon is another one of our favorite vaporizer picks. Available in a variety of fun, bold colors, we like how versatile it is. This vape can be used with:

Nic-Salt e-liquids

Freebase e-liquids

Nicotine-Free e-liquids

60/40 VG/PG e-liquids

70/30 VG/PG e-liquids

The Vagon has a 2mL liquid capacity pod and a draw-activated firing mechanism. Its curved, slender design makes it easy to fit in your hand and even comes with a holster clip.

Yocan Delux Box Mod Kit

The Yocan Delux is a true treasure. Yocan has created a 2-in1 device that acts as your mod box vape as well as a power bank. It is also designed to use the two mod boxes, a large 1500mAh box, and a 450mAh mini, so you can utilize your wax and your oils. To use as a power bank, place the mini box mod into the large and charging is automatic. Pretty clever.

KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer

The KandyPens Crystal vape pen is quickly getting a reputation as one of the best wax vape pens of 2019. Its four-inch compact size makes it the perfect portable option. It is built with a pure quartz atomizer, glass mouthpiece, and a bucket-shaped coil which will heat your wax from below; never touching the heating mechanism. This classy vape is even accompanied by a black velvet carrying pouch.  


We wanted to save the PAX Era for the grand finale. It’s one of our newest additions and offers a range of features and benefits. This powerful, tech-savvy vape pen is a must-see. Designed with the technology we’ve all been anticipating, this sleek pen-and-pod system will exceed your expectations.

As the smallest of the PAX vaporizer devices, it stands only 3.3” tall, .72” wide and .40’ deep. Four lights conveniently located on the front of the device represent the battery and temperature levels. Temperatures range from 520 degrees to 790 degrees. The Era does not utilize the traditional on/off button. Instead, this innovative device automatically begins to produce vapor as soon as it recognizes you are taking a hit. When checking the battery of the Era, just shake the device to activate the LED lights which will provide you with the current battery level. You’ll find the battery will last you approximately 180 puffs and is easily rechargeable with the provided USB charger. You’ll be fully charged again in 45 minutes.

The Era utilizes SimpleClick pods, designed with double wicks to ensure every last drop of your oil is used. Clog-free and leak resistant, SimpleClick pods are sold separately and can be found at over 50 extract partners. With over 250 strains to choose from, you’re sure to fall in love with these pre-filled extract pods.

We really think PAX took the Era to the next level when creating a mobile app for both iOS and Android users. The PAX Mobile app allows the user to control the vape’s temperature, potency, and flavor. For added convenience and additional features, the PAX Mobile app allows you to control the Era’s temperature down to a precise degree, adjust the led brightness, and even set a child-protection lock on your device. As if that wasn’t exceptional enough, the app also comes with three games for extra entertainment while you vape. With full control to customize your vaping experiences, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without these features at your fingertips.

More Than A Vape Pen

At Lighter USA, we also carry a huge selection of accessories and replacement parts for any pen you decide to start with. From silicone jars by This Thing Rips to store your wax, to replacement heating chambers for various brands, we’ve got you covered. Our extensive collection of lighters and cigar accessories is definitely worth visiting too.


If you’ve settled on an e-liquid vape pen, or even contemplating heading in that direction, you’ll want to check out some of our best-selling vape juice flavors. We guarantee you’ll come across a flavor or two that will have you drooling. We carry e-juice flavors including Strawberry Cream by BLVK Unicorn SALT e-Juice. They’ve developed a delicious blend of strawberry shortcake, sweet cream, and graham cracker. If you’re more of a fruit flavored fan, check out Tropical Kiss by Lips and Drips e-Juice, mixed with an assortment of your favorite tropical island flavors. E-Liquids range in bottle sizes and nicotine strengths to suit your needs.

While these are only a handful of our best recommendations, we have plenty more brands, colors and styles to browse.  We’d love to hear which vape pen you choose! Still have more questions? Just let us know how we can help. Head over and to our site now!

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