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A large part of the vaping experience is the actual technique of pulling the vapor into your mouth. There are a variety of popular vaping pulls available to you that we will explore in detail below. Remember, no one way of vaping is right for everyone. The top technique is the one that works the best for you as an individual vaper.Mouth To Lung The Mouth To Lung pull is arguably the most popular vaping pull as it is one of the easiest to achieve. Many people who choose this method do so as an alternative to the traditional smoking of cigarettes....

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For those looking to step up their vaping level, it can be very intimidating. There are dozens to hundreds of various choices out there today, and it can be challenging to tell the difference. This takes time to decipher, and even once you think you know what you want you'll find there's something you like better. Two of the choices include the RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) that's also known as a dripper and RBA (rebuildable atomizer), that's commonly used to refer to a rebuildable tank atomizer. If you're considering purchasing one of these items but aren't entirely sure what they...

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Its here, the all new and re-revolutionized PAX 3 Vaporizer!  Packed with a bunch of cool features, this latest device from Pax Labs is the ultimate at home and portable vaporizer.  You now have the ability to use both loose leaf and extract and easily switch between the both.  The PAX 3 comes with a concentrate cartridge, that is easily refillable, and can be inserted into the PAX in just a few seconds.   Pax Labs also inserted a bigger battery at 3500mAh.  This bigger battery capacity is intended to heat up the 2x larger heating oven.  But a larger...

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There are challenges to vaping in such a way to preserve the longevity and the flavor of your favorite vape. Choosing a clearomizer vs. an RDA or RBA, making sure the deck is correctly put together, and the juice itself, are all of major impacts on the quality of the vape and the length of the hits. Having the proper wicking technique is another common area that vapers struggle with. Wicking the correct way will ensure that the flavor lasts and the device you're vaping with doesn't break down. By wicking correctly, air flows through the coil and cotton making sure that...

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There are many important facets to a humidor to consider before making such a large purchase. While one factor is price, the quality of the equipment is also important. A properly made humidor of high quality parts will last for years can keep those cigars fresh for a longer period of time. A good humidor can also cut down on mold, which can quickly grow and ruin every cigar in the humidor. Two very important factors to consider are size and weight. Choosing the right dimensions for a humidor will ensure that the cigars inside retain their flavor for a...

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Lighter USA offers a wide variety of cheap popular zippo's, cigar torch lighters, as well as the most popular cigar cutters such as Xikar, Colibri, Lotus and many more for all of your smoking needs. Have a lighter already and out of fuel? Not a problem, we carry premium butane and lighter fluid from top brands. For those that switched to vaping, you will be happy to hear that we offer a large selection of the best vaporizers, box mods, herb grinders, and dab rigs & tools.

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