Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabbers products are sleek, high quality and durable they have the best desktop vaporizers with designs and technology that is unmatched. The Dr. Dabber Switch is a next-gen vaporizer that uses the latest technology to produce a smooth, delicious experience. It makes vaping fun.



What is Dr. Dabber?

When you’re in need of a vaporizer, a vaporizer that will check the boxes and answer your needs, your desires, and your cravings, it makes sense to consult a doctor. And the doctor it makes sense to consult is the doctor who has spent years searching and researching high and low for the cure to the ultimate vaping experience. That doctor is, of course, Dr. Dabber. When it comes to prescribing stylish, convenient, and discreet portable vaporizer pens – vaporizer pens that deliver a thick, potent and flavorful vape from your favorite concentrates and oils, while still minimizing risks to health and the environment – the Dr. Dabber brand of vape pens and vaping accessories are just what the doctor ordered. Based on the signature Dr. Dabber low-heat titanium technology, the Dr. Dabber vaporizer range of products are designed to satisfy what ails you.

And, with Lighter USA to nurse the buying process along, there’s less pain on your pocket.