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Xikar Humidification Kit - 4 X 10 Humistore Bag, 8 oz Solution


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Model #: 4X108OZ

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Product Description

4 X 10 Humistore:
Fits cigars up to 10 Inches Long

PG Solution:

Use every time solution
Hydroscopic, so humidity is ALWAYS 70%
Anti-Fungal agent
Won't plug humidifiers!
Purity solution is created with a reverse-osmosis system, resulting in less then 4 ppm impurities
Mix it is a perpetual solution, whose mix of PG and purified water is such that the PG biodegrades at the same rate as refill of the devices
Crystals the allow for absorption of up to 450x their volume in the PG Solution.

This Xikar humidication kit allows you to hold your cigars in a humidication bag and gives you an 8 oz solution to keep your cigars humidified in your humidor.