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Xikar Crystal Humidifier Jar 2 oz.


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Model #: 809XI

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Product Description

- Slow, Steady Release
- Constant Humidity of 70%
- Clear Polycarbonate Cases House Crystal Gel Saturating 450 Times Their Weight With XIKAR PG Solution
- Brand New In Box
- Xikar Lifetime Warranty

XIKAR Crystal Humidifiers use high grade Sodium based Polyacrylamine. What is that you ask' The same stuff in baby diapers believe it or not. It is a plastic material (non-biodegradable & non-toxic) that absorbs and holds up to 450 times its weight in fluid. The gel feels dry to the touch and never ever leaks. It is the perfect medium for humidifiers. A couple of grams of dry gel are enough to fill our crystal humidifiers when fully charged with solution. This creates the ONLY humidifier on the market that is 99.8% void of the available space, less than .2% is occupied by anything other than our PG solution, making our humidifiers the most efficient on the market. If you want to regulate the humidity up to 75 cigars at 70% with crystal gel you MUST use our PG. With distilled water humidity will spike into the 90% range swelling wrappers and encouraging mold. 50/50 solution WILL NEVER work. It is far too viscous to absorb.