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VaprCase for (Original) Pax - Blue


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Product Description

How to Use:
1. It is easier to remove the VAPRCASE after using the vaporizer and allowing VAPRCASE to be heated.
2. Using your thumb, push the Pax ONLY from the bottom refill area while pulling the VAPRCASE in the opposite direction. 3. Once you can grab onto the VAPRCASE, pull off.

The VAPRCASE is a unique custom silicone case that is slim and durable. Designed for one reason and one reason only, to allow Pax owners to protect their Pax from damage. DonGÇÖt be one of those people who buy a Pax, fall in love, and get their heart broken. Protect your aromatherpay vaporizer with a VAPRCASE by simply pulling it over your Pax, and aligning the hole with the light on your Pax...Enjoy.

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