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Esco Bars 2500 Mesh Disposable - Pod Vape by Pastel Cartel

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Esco Bars 2500 Mesh Disposable - Pod Vape by Pastel Cartel
 337 Reviews
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Product Description

About Esco Bars 2500 Puff Mesh Disposables

Esco Bars disposable vapes are a customer favorite here at LighterUSA. The Esco Bar 2500 is a beautiful pocket-sized design that comes prefilled with 6ml of 5% nicotine e-liquid and a pre-charged 1000mAh battery ready for up to 2500 puffs.

This vape’s mesh coil has draw-activation firing that makes for a smooth draw absolutely rich with flavor.

All of our 42 flavors are excellent, but if you’re looking for something special the newly introduced flavors from Esco Bar are Blue Raspberry, Banana Ice, Watermelon Ice, Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum Ice, Strawberry Ice, Spearmint, Red Apple, and Peach Ice.

All Available flavors include:


  • Pink Lemonade: A delicious pink lemonade with a little sweet and sour, perfect for a summer day.
  • Bubblegum Ice: Your favorite sweet bubblegum with a menthol ice bite.
  • Blue Raspberry: Everyone's favorite flavor is always the blue one, same goes for the delicious Blue Raspberry Esco Bar
  • Banana Ice: Your favorite candy bananas with a nice cooling menthol.
  • Spearmint: A strong but not overpowering flavorful Spearmint gum.
  • Red Apple: An Extra Crisp Red Delicious apple.
  • Strawberry Ice: Refreshing strawberry flavor with an icy twist.
  • Cotton Candy: Everyones favorite carnival dessert, a delicious cotton candy.
  • Peach Ice: A flavorful and juicy peach with a nice hint of menthol.
  • Watermelon Ice: What is better on a summer day then cutting into a watermelon, add some icy/minty flavor and your living.
  • Strawberry Banana: The ultimate tried and true fruit mix, just like your favorite smoothie.
  • Orange Limeade: Strong citrust flavor with a twist of sour for a sunny day.
  • Kiwi Dragon Berry: Delicious originals like kiwi and blueberry with dragon fruit to compliment.
  • Salted Caramel: A great dessert flavor with a lot of sweet and a tiny touch of salt.
  • Grape Ice: Fruity and juicy grapes with a hint of minty ice.
  • Strawberry Cream: A delicious cream with strawberry for an awesome dessert, like strawberry milk.
  • Tobacco: A great tobacco for old fashioned with a nice small hint of cream.
  • Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate: Blue is everyones favorite, now with a delicious hint of a sweet and tart pomegranate.
  • Strawnanners Ice: The tried and true combination of strawberries and bananas with an icy twist.
  • Mango Ice: A vapers favorite, the classic mango vape with a hint of minty ice.
  • Rainbow: Tastes just like everyones favorite rainbow candy.
  • Snow Cone Ice: A nice cold snow cone on a summer day with a minty addition.
  • Blue Raspberry Lemon: The Mouthwatering blue raspberry with a sour and delicious lemon twist.
  • Lemon Drops: Sweet and Sour Galore, tastes very much like your favorite lemon drop candies.
  • Watermelon Bubble Gum: yumyumyum watermelon bubble gum, a great watermelon flavored bubble gum.
  • Fuji Apple Ice: Mouthwatering and Crisp Fuji apples with an Icy bite.
  • Black Dragon Ice: An original flavor with sweet blue raspberry, dragonfruit, and a nice icy kick.
  • Blueberry Ambrosia: Ambrosia is the food and drink of the greek gods, with a nice and fruity blueberry twist, it makes for a tasty blueberry cream flavor.
  • Aloe Mango Melon: The cooling flavor of aloe with scrumptious fruity mangoes and melons.
  • Mango Guava Ice: Taking the classic Mango and adding guava is a tasty combination with an icy bite.
  • Peachy Mango Pineapple: The sweetness of a peach and mango, with an awesome sour but pleasant pineapple addition.
  • Peachy Mango Pineapple Ice: The crowd favorite Peachy Mango Pineapple with an icy kick to perfection.
  • Fiji Melon Ice: Tasty apples and extra juicy watermelon with a great minty addition.
  • Tropical Rainbow Blast: All your favorite tropical fruits added to your favorite rainbow candy.
  • White Gummy: Just like the delicious pineapple gummy bear.
  • Sun Kissed: The original orange soda for a summer day.
  • Lychee Mango: Mouthwatering tropical Lychee with a delicious mango to top it off.
  • Blue Gummy: Everyone's favorite gummy bear, the blue one! A blue raspberry gummy bear banger.
  • Pacific Cooler: The best fruity drink on the market in the palm of your hand, cooling on a sunny day.
  • Pink Burst: It's not even a debate! Everyone knows the best burst candy flavor is the pink one! Delicious strawberry juicy chewiness.
  • Blue Razz Cotton Candy: The carnival favorite mixed with the fruit favorite, whats not to love. Blue raspberry and cotton candy make for a sweet sweet vape.
  • Gummy Bear: A luscious gummy bear candy flavor that never gets old.
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