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Magic Flight Laser Etched Launch Box Infinity Wing Vaporizer

Magic Flight

Magic Flight Laser Etched Launch Box Infinity Wing Vaporizer

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Product Description

Spend $100 Get $25 Off with Coupon Code: SAVEBIG Disclaimer: This is an aromatherapy vaporizer and should be used with aromatherapy blends/purposes only.

100% Authentic Guaranteed
- One Maple Infinity Wing Laser Launch Box
- (2) Rechargeable NiMH Batteries with Protective Caps
- Battery Charger
- Felt-Lined Storage Tin
- Glass Draw Stem
- A Cleaning Brush
- Hand Made in the USA
- Lifetime Functional Warranty

In our first attempts to develop full-lid laser designs, certain spiral forms captured our imagination. For example, there is a particular spiral which can be more fully comprehended when considered expressive of a geometric concept known as the GGolden MeanG. The Golden Mean ratio is a proportion that naturally occurs in a great number of natural objects, organisms, and phenomena. This ratio has been extensively studied by mathematicians, artists, astronomers, architects, and many others for centuries. Of particular interest, is its ability to make apparent the underlying commonality among seemingly unrelated things. From plant-growth patterns to galaxy formation to human proportions, the more we learn about this pervasive pattern that permeated our reality, the more it seems to present itself wherever we look. Careful consideration and a combination of the principles behind different spiral forms provides a sense of motion to a harmoniously proportioned wing, its feathers spiraling back into the heart of infinity.

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