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Atmos Kiln RA Stylized Series Vaporizer Kit - Lighter USA


Atmos Kiln RA Stylized Series Vaporizer Kit


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  • Wax Pens
  • 5-Year Warranty

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Product Description

Uniqueness and Power go hand in hand with the Kiln RA Stylized Series.  The Kiln RA attachment is now designed with unique and vivid designs for the unique and vivid individual.  The internal compoments of the Kiln RA have not been changed, they are the same great functionality from the original just with an artistic twist.  The art is scratch resistant and capable of withstanding high-temperatures and not damaging the beautiful design.

What's in the Box

- (1) Ceramic Mouthpiece
- (1) Ceramic Housing
- (1) Connector Base
- (1) Ceramic Heating Disc Atomizer
- (1) Dual-IC ProtectedLithium-ion Battery(Spring Loaded ConnectionPatent Protected)
- (1) Packing Tool
- (1 Allen Wrench
- (1) Micro-USB Cord Charger
- (2) Replacement Rubber Bands
- (2) Replacement Screws
- (1) User Manual