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Atmos Forge Plus Attachment - Black


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Product Description

The Forge Plus is a uniquely designed wax consistency heating attachment that is compatible with box mods and standard industry batteries. The Forge uses a powerful heating element that combines the power of titanium coils with the smooth flavor producing qualities of ceramic rods and an embedded ceramic chamber to vaporize wax consistency products quickly, while still producing a potently pure flavor. The Forge is a durable and compact option for anyone interested in vaping wax consistency products, and its adjustable airflow design allows users to customize their experience to tailor fit their needs.


Whats in the Box:

- (1) Forge Plus Heating Attachment
- (1) Dual Coil Ceramic/Titanium Atomizer
- (1) Dual Coil Quartz/Titanium Atomizer
- (1) Packing Tool
- (1) Adapter