Free Shipping, Free Returns

Free Shipping, Free Returns

At Lighter USA we strive to make every customer's experience a great one.

With always free shipping, the price you see is what it costs to get your item, including shipping. No more checkout screen sticker shock.

Returns can be one of the most difficult parts of making an order online. We want our customers to know that we've got their back.

Free returns? We've got'em.

No restocking fee? We've got that.

Easy exchanges with instant refund vouchers? You guessed it, we've got that too!

Here's how it works, you can return anything besides used: coils, vaporizers, and vaporizer heating elements. Everything else we sell, from lighters, to batteries, to chargers, we've got you 100% of the way during our standard 60-day return period.

To start your return, just head on over to to get started. Once you print your return label, the steps are simple: pack it, stick it, ship it. Hand it off to your local Post Office, in your mailbox (just put that little red flag up) or drop it in one of those big blue mailboxes and we will take care of the rest. We'll keep you updated via email with your return so you are always in the know. See, we weren't joking about this being an easy experience.