Z-Plus Products

What are Z-Plus?

There are some things that pair so well, so obviously together that it is sometimes hard to remember there must once have been a first time when someone, somewhere thought: “Hey, why don’t I grate some cheese into this omelet?”, or, “How about I pour some tonic onto this gin?” But that is what the Z-Plus brand is all about. It’s all about that first moment when someone, somewhere said: “You know what? I love my Zippo flip top lighter case, but I’d really like to own a torch flame lighter instead of a flint flame lighter. So couldn’t I maybe, I dunno, just slide the flint flame insert out and slide a torch flame insert in?” Like cheese and omelets, like gin and tonic, the pairing of Zippo lighter cases and torch flame inserts is so simple, so obvious, and yet so brilliant that it’s hard to remember that there’s a first time for everything.

And Lighter USA’s prices make the first time far less painful.