S.T. Dupont



What is S.T. Dupont?

Since 1872, when Simon Tissot Dupont first began creating his range of exceptional and exclusive leather goods and luggage for the French Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie, the name S. T. Dupont has been synonymous with luxury, desirability, and the epitome of refinement and exquisite taste. In 1941, S. T. Dupont created the first luxury cigarette lighter in response to an order from the Maharajah of Patiala for 100 clutch bags – one for each of his 100 wives – each containing a solid gold lighter. In 1973, they created the first luxury ball point pen. Today, the brand continues to be the number one choice of connoisseurs all over the world. Hand-crafted in France, and with a range of illustrious customer names from Queen Elizabeth II to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and from Audrey Hepburn to Humphrey Bogart, the S. T. Dupont line of luxurious goods bespeak elegance, sophistication, and classic luxury.

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