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About Wismec

The biggest clue, when it comes to knowing whether or not any company genuinely cares about its clients, is whether or not it actually listens and responds to what their clients have to say. And, in the world of super high performance <a href="https://www.lighterusa.com/collections/mods-kits" target="_blank">box mods</a>, Wismec have demonstrated that it does just that. Despite the critical acclaim that greeted the launch of the original DNA200 version of its awesome 200 watt box mod, Wismec didn’t just listen to the fact that not everyone necessarily had a spare $150 to spend on it, they released a far more affordable version in the Reuleaux series that conceded little to functionality or performance. Not content with that, Wismec continued to listen, and introduced downloadable upgradable firmware to ensure its clients have a box mod that remains on the cutting edge of vaping technology. The result: a monster 200 watts of sub-ohm vaping power for less than $50 ... from a brand that cares.

And Lighter USA’s prices make that care tender and loving.

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