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S.T. Dupont

S.T. Dupont Lighter MiniJet Maintenance Kit


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Model #: 0088147V

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Model #: 0088147V
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Product Description

ST Dupont Maintenance Kit Minijet is a maintenance kit and includes:
  • 1x bottle of 72ml gas 
  • 1x bottle of 50ml dust remover
  • 1x Minijet fabric case

Step 1:
The mechanism of the lighter is very sensitive and must therefore be protected against dirt (dust, sand, tobacco, etc.). From time to time, dust and lint can clog the burner and prevent the lighter from working properly. To remove the dirt, please blow the burner well with a strong jet of air.

Step 2:
If the flame is weakening or the ignition is poor, the lighter may need to be refilled. Refilling the gas lighter Use only ST Dupont gas for torch lighters. The use of other gas cartridges or refill systems can be dangerous, damage the lighter or cause malfunctions.

Step 3:
The quality of the flame depends on the flame regulation. If the lighter ignites poorly, use the adjustment system at the bottom of the lighter to change the setting.

Step 4:
To protect your lighter we recommend using an ST Dupont velvet cover. For example, if the lighter is in your pocket, it is advisable to keep it in an ST Dupont lighter case.

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