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About Porsche

In 1963, Ferdinand Porsche introduced the world to the legendary and iconic Porsche 911. Today, from its design studios in Germany, Austria, and Singapore, Porsche Design takes the Porsche ideals of performance, power, precision, and prestige beyond the realm of just the automobile, and introduces the world to a range of luxury products for both men and women. Created, styled, and engineered with the very spirit of Porsche, the Porsche Design line of lighters and smoking accessories, like all their products, seamlessly blend functional elegance together with contemporary design and iconic styling. Using only the highest quality materials, and employing only the finest levels of craftsmanship, Porsche Design is as uncompromising in its dedication to excellence as Ferdinand Porsche when he designed the Porsche 911. As with the Porsche 911, though, all this excellence, performance, prestige, and luxury comes at a price.

But, thanks to Lighter USA’s discounts, the Porsche Design luxury lifestyle need not be beyond reach.

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