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About Newport

There are many brands of lighters and smoking accessories that rely on their fame and desirability on the quality of their design, the flair of their styling, the craftsmanship and precious metalwork of their finishes, or on the prestigious currency of their name association. But there is one brand whose fame was built, and continues successfully to rest upon, something entirely different – the sheer quality of its odorless and virtually zero impurity, butane. That brand is Newport. Founded in the UK in 1963, Newport began life with a simple concept: to replace what was then a world of individual refills each designed to suit only one specific type of lighter with a multi-adaptor suitable for every gas powered lighter in the world. Since then, the sheer quality of its butane, and the sturdy, long lasting reliability for its cigar lighters that use that butane, has made Newport the internationally recognized leader in its field.

And, with Lighter USA one can be had for a new, and lower, price.

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