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About Lotus

Many of the world’s most prestigious, high performance sports and racing car marques are named after the companies’ founder. It is, after all, a natural and understandable piece of human vanity, and one that didn’t escape the likes of Enrico Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche, or Ettore Bugatti. But when, in 1952, the Englishman Colin Chapman founded his own line of high performance sports and racing cars, he didn’t name the marque after himself. Instead, he named it after a flower: Lotus – the symbol of creation, the symbol of rebirth, the symbol of the sun. And the legendary Lotus models did more than just deliver power and performance, did more than just turn heads with their beauty. With their perversely Francophone names like Elise, Elan, Eclat, and Esprit, they breathed pure poetry. That same spirit – the spirit of prestige, performance, beauty, power, and poetry – is what drives the Lotus brand of lighters and smoking accessories.

And, with Lighter USA, poetry can come at a more prosaic price.

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