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Lost Fog

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About Lost Fog

It’s one thing to be a market leader, a mythic name, a leading brand, and a behemoth in the quality vaping industry. But, when you are, it’s quite another to be able to take your leadership, your name, your brand, your stature, and your product to the next level. So how does a behemoth become bespoke? How does a leviathan lose its largeness? That was the conundrum confronting the folks at Cosmic Fog. Their answer? A new artisanal brand. Thus it was that a cosmic vaping giant gave birth to a star child; a star child inspired by the master works of the culinary world; a star child of extraordinary and unique combinations of flavors; a star child designed to bless the taste buds and provide veritable pulsars of pleasure to the palates of every Earthbound vaper. And that star child, that top shelf line of vape juices was named Lost Fog.

And Lighter USA priced Lost Fog. And, behold, the price was good.

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