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About Kilo

A kilo is worth, of course, more than a pound. It is worth, in fact, more than twice as much: specifically, 2. 20462234 times as much as a pound. It’s one of the great mysteries of the metric system. That and why anybody ever thought it was a good idea to alter, change, and completely reinvent something that had been working, at least so people generally thought, perfectly well. But alteration, change, and reinvention can be positive things. And that’s as true in the world of vaping as it is in the world of weights and measures … especially when you end up with something that is worth more than the thing with which you started. That is where the Kilo brand of E-liquids comes in. A range of vape juices of such craftsmanship, complexity, and culinary cohesion, the Kilo name brings new weight, new mass, and new meaning to the vaping world.

And Lighter USA’s gram-like prices make the weight seem light.

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