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About HerbalAire

When it comes to delivering a truly visceral vaping experience, conventional table and desktop vaporizers have their drawbacks. For one thing, they are large, and take up a fair amount of space. For another, while they might provide a powerful punch, most of it is on your wallet. Herbalaire, however, is different. Not only, at around 7 inches tall, are they far less clunky than more conventional desktop vapes, but they are about half the price of many other leading names. What’s more, Herbalaire have shrunk both size and price without any concession to power and potency. And there are other differences. Herbalaire vaporizers have a triple functionality that means they can be used with a whip, through direct draw, or with a balloon – an attachment that will simultaneously fill 3 or 5 balloons in under one minute. Additionally, there is no need to pre-grind the vaping material. Plus, with its Teflon construction, the Herbalaire vaporizers are incredibly durable.

And Lighter USA delivers all this for even less.

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