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Cigar Oasis

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About Cigar Oasis

As all true cigar aficionados know, the flavor of a premium cigar matures and improves over time. The challenge, however, is ensuring your cherished cigar collection ages properly – i.e. without drying out or developing mold. Naturally enough, a humidor is important. But a humidor is only as effective as the humidification device inside it. That is where the Cigar Oasis brand of automatic humidifiers and accessories comes in. As the industry leader and innovator of cigar humidification products, Cigar Oasis’ products provide your premium cigars with a consistently stable, and optimum environment. Designed with a paper thin, ribbon cable that slips seamlessly between the humidor’s base and lid, the Cigar Oasis humidity sensors and microprocessors control and maintain the humidity level while simultaneously circulating air inside the humidor. With a range of humidifiers to suit any size humidor from up to 100 cigars to full-size armoire or cabinet humidors for up to 5000, Cigar Oasis is the definitive device for your cigar collection.

And Lighter USA delivers the definitive price.

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