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What is Black Label?

Designed by the internationally renowned Lotus design team, the Black Label brand of stylistically and technically innovative pocket lighters, table lighters, cigar cutters, and carbon fiber cigar holders effortlessly produce a potent and high performance blend of modern industrial design, powerful and precise performance, and flawless form and functionality. As one would expect from the premier styling, precision engineering, and attention to detail that graces every product associated with the Lotus name, the distinctive and prestigious Black Label brand of smokers’ requisites and smoking accessories stand apart from the crowd. However, despite being clean of line, contemporary in styling, and carefully constructed using only the highest quality components and craftsmanship, the Black Label brand is defined by more than looks and feel alone – it is also defined by technological creativity and advancement: the kind of advanced creatively advanced technology that delivered Black Label’s unique and innovative flat flame.

And Lighter USA delivers their products at unique and innovatively low prices.