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Which to Choose: Analog vs. Digital Humidifiers

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A cigar humidifier measures the relative humidity of its surroundings in an enclosed space. It provides readings of the percentage of relative humidity inside the humidor. Basically, there are two types of cigar humidors: analog and digital humidifiers.

Analog humidifiers
Available in both antique and modern forms, analog humidifiers are considered by many smokers as the most attractive. These gadgets display their readings in gauge or dial format. Some analog hygrometers still use the original technology where horse hair is used inside the instrument to measure humidity. The horse hair starts to expand as the level of humidity starts to rise. The wound springs inside the hygrometer then move to indicate the level of humidity. The horse hair then contracts with decreasing levels of humidity. Some analog humidors are created using metal springs. Other models use a metal spring, while others use synthetic hair. These humidors are very popular with cigarette smokers because of their relatively lower costs. However, these humidors are quite unreliable as a result of their recurring loose spring problems. Some analog hygrometers use psychrometers. They have dry and wet bulbs thermometers and indicate the levels of humidity in a psychometric chart. One makes the readings of the level of humidity from both of these thermometers. However, this type of analog humidor is less popular with cigarette smokers as a result of the extra steps required in making the readings. 

Analog hygrometers, particular the antique ones, still continue to appeal to cigarette smokers, especially to collectors. This is because of their elegance. Also, premium analog humidors have a high precision level. However, sometimes these humidors need to be turned up in order to work. Moreover, most models do not indicate any other type of information besides humidity levels. Their lack of physical appeal, especially for the cheaper models, is also a turn off for many smokers.

Digital Humidifiers
Digital humidifiers use the latest technology and offer high precision reading for the levels of humidity. They are available in several models, but the most popular ones are Caliber IV Digital Hygrometer by Western Humidor and Quality Importers HygroSet II. Digital hygrometers offer a digital display of the humidity levels inside your humidor and help the user maintain their cigars fresh. Although digital humidors have become increasingly popular with smokers, they are not necessarily more accurate than analog humidors. However, they have the ability to display high and low readings, and since they also provide temperature reading on the same screen, they are more preferred by many users. One of the disadvantages of these gadgets is that they require a replacement of their batteries every once in a while. Also, some of the cheaper versions lack physical appeal. Some digital humidors can be very unreliable at low humidity levels.

The choice between which humidor to use depends on several factors. Digital humidifiers offer the latest technology and will provide additional information besides the level of humidity, such as temperature. Also, they comparatively easier to use as compared to analog humidifiers. Their level of accuracy is an added advantage. However, this is not to say high-end analog humidifiers will not offer you precision. Also, the elegance that comes with some models of analog humidifiers makes them a preferred choice for many smokers. Moreover, compared to digital models, analog humidifiers tend to be quite inexpensive. Ultimately, the choice of which humidifier to use boils down to the buyer's preference.

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