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Vaporizer Parts & Accessories You’ll Love

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Whether you’re new to vaping or you’ve been an avid vaper for years, there are always new products that can take your vaping experience to the next level. We’ve taken a look at some of the best vaporizer parts and accessories to bring you a list of products we know you’ll love, all with the links included so you can add them to your collection.


Hush Crush 2" 4-Piece Magnetized Grinder in Rose Gold

This grinder is one of the best vaping accessories you can own. With aircraft grade aluminum and extra sharp diamond cut teeth, this grinder comes with a stainless-steel micron screen as well as a pollen scraper. It’s also CNC engineered for precision and accuracy. Although we’re a huge fan of the rose gold color, this grinder also comes in tons of other colors, including silver, dark green, gold, and violet. You know you want one. Now it’s just a matter of choosing which one, or ones, to take home!

PAX Multi-Tool Kit

If you don’t already own a PAX product, it’s a vaporizer brand that we highly recommend checking out. Whether you go with a PAX 2 or upgrade to the PAX 3, these vaporizers are truly revolutionizing the vaping game. And considering this PAX Multi-Tool Kit is made perfectly to add or remove material from your PAX 2 or PAX 3, It's an absolute must add when considering vaping accessories. You can take one home today by clicking here.

Suorin Air V2 Replacement Pod

The Suorin Air V2 is a great, affordable vaporizer for people looking for a small yet effective device. For those who are already vaping with the Suorin Air V2, we definitely recommend investing in a few cartridge replacement pods. Whether you want to keep a back-up on hand in case you lose your cartridge or if you simply want the ability to switch out different flavors without having to waste what’s remaining in your current cartridge, you can’t go wrong stocking up on a few of these. You can purchase them by clicking here.

From dab tools, grinders, and dry attachments to replacement coils, vaporizer cases, and chargers, Lighter USA has all of the vaporizer parts and accessories you’ll love at prices you can afford. In addition, customers always receive safe and secure shopping, free and discreet shipping, and free returns. If you’re looking to explore new flavors, check out our blog with a list of fun flavors for vaping. You can check it out here. So whether you’re looking to purchase your first vaporizer or you’re stocking up on your favorite vaping parts and accessories, the Lighter USA website has all of your needs taken care of. Visit the website today and see for yourself!