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Top 10 Vape Juices You Must Try

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Top 10 Vape Juices You Must Try

Vape juices have come a long way over the years. There's no reason for you to be stuck with the same, boring juice that you've been vaping for the last few months. More and more people are learning that they can enhance their senses and invigorate their souls by finding some new e-juices – and we have the top vape juices that you should be trying this summer.

#1: Silverback Juice Co. – Jenny

Jenny is a sensational e-liquid that manages to balance strawberries with a hint of minty watermelon. The exotic blend is one of our top-selling brand e-juices. Realistically, Silverback Juice Co. is a popular option when you are looking for any kind of refreshing flavor, and all of their juices are made in Florida. You get a 60ml size for an affordable price, and they have both salt and non-salt e-juices. You may find yourself taking the recommendation of what is frequently bought together and picking yourself up not just a strawberry-flavored Jenny but also a Booboo and a Lola.

#2: VGod and Salt Nic eJuice – Iced Mango Bomb

One of the best vape juices out there is from VGOD and Salt Nic. If you are not familiar with this brand, you have got to get more with it. The Iced Mango Bomb will make it feel as though you just got a foo-foo drink from the local farmer's market. The 30ml size is available in a 25mg and a 50mg strength, allowing you to get the kind of experience that you desire. From the sweetness to the iced menthol finish, you'll be hooked on this vaping juice seconds after giving it a try.

#3: Hard Menthol Premium E-Liquid – Hard Menthol

Whether you are looking to get away from the fruity e-Liquids or you just want something a bit more masculine, the Hard Menthol is the juice to grab. The cool minty flavor will be not only refreshing but the breath of cold air that you need. Forget drinking a tall glass of iced water on the hottest day of summer. All you need is this premium e-liquid in a generous 60ml size, and you'll be just fine.

#4: Ruthless eJuice – Grape Drank

Calling all grape lovers…this Grape Drank is the ultimate combination of grape soda and Skittles. It'll take you back to being a kid all over again. It's a great way to indulge on a hot summer day. Plus, the Ruthless brand has been in the game since 2011, showing that it's got what it takes to compete with everyone else. They've been growing their flavors for a while now, offering an impressive collection beyond grape, too.

#5: Wet Liquids ICED – Lychee ICED eJuice

Wet Liquids is known for going a bit exotic with their flavors, and the Lychee ICED is no exception. There are a few different lines that they cover, including The Originals, Nicotine Salts, Fusions, and ICED. The lychee flavor is from the ICED and, debatably, is one of the most popular lines that they have. It's not too fruity and it's not too sweet. Instead, it's a well-balanced, flavorful eJuice that will have you reaching for another hit just to enjoy the taste.

#6: Dinner Lady Premium E-Liquids Blackberry Crumble

Dinner Lady Premium E-Liquids is all about bringing some of your favorite desserts to vape form, and the Blackberry Crumble does not disappoint. As a relatively new flavor to the marketplace, you can be one of the first to step out on a summer day with this fruity juice in your vape pen. Pretend as though you've just gotten back from a British pub as you explore the warm blackberries and the buttery crumble as they dance across your taste buds.

#7: Coastal Clouds eJuice Chilled Apple Pear SALT

Coastal Clouds has really outdone themselves with this salt juice. It's one of the best vape juices to come from the brand because the Chilled Apple Pear isn't too sweet. It's just what you need when you want to feel as though you've escaped to an apple orchard. This is gaining popularity by the day, too, because of the high nicotine content. With a 35 or 50mg strength option, you'll love this vape juice added to your collection.

#8: Reds Apple EJuice – Reds Mango

When you want a refreshing glass of apple juice, only in vape form, the Reds Mango is refreshing with a hint of nicotine. Reds Apple is a brand that has become iconic because of its true-to-life flavor of fresh-picked apples. This particular e-liquid really packs a punch because of the combination of tangy mangoes thrown into the mix. Of course, there are a few other apple juice blends available from the brand, allowing you to get the subtle hint of another fruit within your vaping experience.

#9: Sadboy Blood Line E-Liquid Salts – Rainbow Ice

Rainbow Ice is often the way to get people to fall in love with a flavored vape juice. For those who say they don't like any flavors, they haven't had a chance to see what the Sadboy Blood Line e-Liquid has to offer. The high-nicotine flavor of Rainbow Ice is basically what you get when you ask for a rainbow snow-cone. It's all of the best flavors without it being too overwhelming. It will keep you relaxed and enjoying every puff.

#10: Yogi E-Liquid – Lemon Yogi

There's nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of lemonade when the sun is shining. Thanks to the folks at Yogi E-Liquid, you can now have that same sensation with their Lemon E-Liquid. This may be one of the best vape juices of the summer. The tart lemon and a hint of granola can convince you that this is the e-liquid you have been searching for.

With so many incredible flavors, there really is something for everyone! When you are ready to try something new and tasty, take a look at some of the best e-liquids that we have at Lighter USA.

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