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The Sub-Vers Tank by Atmos

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The Sub-Vers Tank by Atmos

The Sub-Vers Tank by Atmos offers everything you need for your vaping experience. If you are in the market for a larger tank then this is the one to buy. It comes with a 4.5 mL liquid capacity, assuring you won't need to refill very often and leaves you with more time to enjoy your tasty clouds and vaping experience. To enhance your vaping experience, the Sub-Vers boasts two 0.5 ohm replaceable atomizer heads that contain organic Japanese cotton that helps to create a flavorful and pure taste. This also greatly increases vapor production. There are multiple air holes located at the base of the tank. You have the ability to cover and uncover the air holes to increase or decrease airflow in your device.

The Sub-Vers offers a dual airflow control system that increases the amount of vapor produces along with aids in the vapor cooling process. It has a strong, sleek, stainless steel construction with a Pyrex glass tank that can withstand some of the toughest drops. You're able to adjust the amount of air moving through this device to create bigger clouds and better taste by using the rings located at the bottom of the tank as well as at the base of the mouthpiece. The ability to control this is very important to a lot of people as some want huge clouds and others want to go unnoticed and have smaller clouds. With these rings, you can have both.

If you're tired of having to constantly refill your tank and you are looking for more a pure and flavorful vaping experience, then the Sub-Vers by Atmos is for you. As you can see, if offers more than just a larger tank. You will have an enjoyable experience and you won't regret buying this product.


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