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The Best Piping Experience Starts With Lighting

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The Best Piping Experience Starts With Lighting

 Pipe smoking has always been heavily practiced, but has become extremely popular over the past few years. It has been a ritual for men and women around the world, representing dominance, confidence and style. The very best way to enjoy your smoking experience, is to light your pipe correctly to avoid interruption and relighting. While lighting and smoking a pipe seems simple enough, there are several steps that should be followed in order to experience the most optimal smoking experience.

Luckily, there are lighters made especially for tobacco pipes, called pipe lighters. These are the best options for lighting your pipe.Pipe lighters produce a much softer flame, that spreads evenly across the surface, as opposed to the aggressive flame that traditional or cigar lighter may produce. Because these lighter contain butane, they wont alter the taste of your tobacco and let's face it-no one wants a bitter aftertaste. The quality of the lighter fluid used is extremely important to avoid altering the aroma or the taste of your tobacco and resist the risk of your tobacco being contaminated with rescued from chemicals in the lighter fluid.

Once you have found the best butane lighter, you are ready to get started! A charring light releases any extra moisture from your tobacco and helps prepare it for the true flame. The charring light can be achieved by moving the flame in a circular motion around the tobacco of the surface and taking a few short puffs while doing so. Don't be alarmed if the tobacco seems to unravel, this simply means that the process is working and your tobacco is beginning to expel its extra moisture. Charring light is also referred to false light, and is extremely helpful because it will char the top of the tobacco and prepare this surface for a smooth and even light.

Now the fun begins. You've got your lighter, you've gotten rid of any extra moisture standing in the way of the true flame, let's get to lighting! To light your pipe follow the same process of charring, except for this time there should be no swelling or unraveling of tobacco. You'll want to move your flame in a circular motion over your tobacco again, while taking a few shallow puffs. You will start to see the tobacco take the flame on the now even surface. Release your light, and sit back, puff and enjoy. Happy Puffing!


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