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Size and Weight Can Matter When It Comes To Your Humidor

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There are many important facets to a humidor to consider before making such a large purchase. While one factor is price, the quality of the equipment is also important. A properly made humidor of high-quality parts will last for years can keep those cigars fresh for a longer period of time. A good humidor can also cut down on mold, which can quickly grow and ruin every cigar in the humidor. Two very important factors to consider are size and weight. Choosing the right dimensions for a humidor will ensure that the cigars inside retain their flavor for a longer period of time. Furthermore, the size and weight of the humidor will determine where in your house it will fit, therefore determining also where those cigars will age. A humidor is a signal to everyone that you know what you're doing what it comes to purchasing and preserving cigars. It will ensure that those cigars maintain the top quality flavor for as long as possible.

The size of a humidor doesn't just mean how much space in your house it will take up, but also determines how many cigars it is meant to contain. Purchase a humidor that is only slightly larger than is needed for your typical cigar collection. This will ensure that if your collection grows over the years you won't need to be a second or larger humidor for this size increase. Furthermore, this will allow cigars to be re-hydrated once they dry out. In addition, a large humidor should ideally come with shelves. Shelves will prevent cigars from being stored on top of one another which can quickly cause mold to grow among the precious stogies. In addition, the shelves will help to rotate cigars when you're looking for that cigar for the perfect occasion. This is very important for maintaining proper cigar aging and humidity control.

The weight is also very important. An obvious reason is because no one wants to drag a super heavy box around the house possibly damaging themselves and the equipment. Do not buy a super heavy humidor unless completely necessary. In addition, the humidor needs to be balanced. This is important for proper maintenance of cigars as it helps the air and humidity to distribute evenly. In addition, the lid should feel heavy. This means the lid shuts tightly to keep the cigars fresh and the humidity at the proper percentage. If it doesn't shut, mold will take advantage and quickly grow. In addition, if the air flows too much, the cigars will dry out and be ruined. The lid also should not be too heavy because it will cause the humidor to tip over and cause disaster will strike. Of course, make sure the lid doesn't close on your hand.

Ultimately, size and weight are very important when selecting a humidor from Lighter USA. Take the time to pick the right one because it will ensure the cigars remain in the best condition possible and make the perfect occasion go off without a hitch.

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