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Did you know that we are so much more than a lighter shop here at Lighter USA? We offer an enormous selection of products from vape mods to cigar cutters, and everything in between, for all your smoking needs. With an array of brands, styles, and color options, we know it can be a little overwhelming for some, but we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of what we offer at Lighter USA, with our favorites highlighted throughout the blog.

A Lighter For Every Need

If you’re shopping for a lighter, there’s so much more to consider than appearance and price. While we know that most people do select a lighter that would look attractive in the palm of their hand, or fit nicely into their clutch for the evening, we’re asking you to take a moment to ask yourself a few questions. What will be the main purpose for your lighter’s use? Will you use it outdoors in windy conditions? If you’ll be using it to smoke, will you be smoking cigars? Do you smoke cigars with larger ring gauges? A little more involved than you expected? Let us give you a rundown of our favorites and why we love them.

Zippo Utility Flex Neck Chrome Lighter

If you’re in need of a versatile lighter to help with candle lighting, lighting the grill, or starting up a campfire, this is your tool. The Zippo Utility Flex Neck won’t let you down, even in hard to reach situations. Its flexible neck allows you more control, and its powerful dual-flame is wind-resistant. This is an excellent lighter to keep on hand for your various non-smoking needs.

Xikar Allume

If you are looking for a lighter that won’t disappoint when lighting a larger gauge cigar or that can withstand wind for your outdoor smoking needs, you’ll want to take a look at the Xikar Allume Double Jet Lighter. This dual jet option provides a quicker toast time while offering a compact body and stylish look. The Allume comes in five colors and has a convenient side squeeze action.

Xikar HP4 Quad Flame Table Top Lighter

A versatile and powerful favorite is the Xikar HP4 Quad. This supercar-inspired beauty comes in six colors, includes red fuel windows so you’re never left guessing, and has a flip-top lid that will retract over 90 degrees, allowing you to easily light both small and large gauge cigars without hassle. We love the angled jets that offer a quick toast and added precision for your touch-up needs.


If you are thinking of vaping, or even if you already do vape but are curious about trying new options, we have some great recommendations. Vaporizers are available in dry pens, wax pens, portables, oil pens, and desktops. While this may seem like a lot to choose from, we’ve chosen some of the favorites that we know our customers have loved too.

STIG Disposable Pod Device

Whether you’re looking to move from smoking to vaping, wanting a more powerful nicotine rush when you vape, or just want to try out this ingenious device, the STIG Disposable Pod is a favorite for many reasons. Imagine a no-fuss vape option where settings, buttons, charging, and refilling never has to cross your mind. Sounds pretty good, right? Offered in five flavors, each pod contains 6% nicotine by volume —  approximately one pack of cigarettes. Each box comes with three individually wrapped and ready-to-use vapes. Once you’ve finished a pod, toss it and forget it. 

PAX 2 Vaporizer + Grinder

The PAX 2, with an improved battery life of 30% more usage time over its original predecessor, is also 25% more compact and 10% lighter. We love that it offers four heat settings and has lip and motion sensing that aide in power and temperature optimization. Still, want more? It comes with a magnetic USB charger, a flat mouthpiece, and a raised mouthpiece. You’ll also be able to select a 4-piece grinder from a variety of color options. 

Suorin Vagon Starter Kit

The Suorin Vagon is another one of our favorite vaporizer picks. Available in a variety of fun, bold colors, we like how versatile it is. This vape can be used with Nic-Salt e-liquids, Nicotine-Free e-liquids,  60/40 VG/PG e-liquids, and more. Its curved, slender design makes it easy to fit in your hand and even comes with a holster clip.

Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer With Easy Valve + Grinder

Choose from either the Classic or Digit Volcano version and you won’t be disappointed with your pick. Designed to carefully heat without ever burning, this desktop vaporizer is known for its release of flavor and aroma. With no draw resistance, the Easy Valve Balloon provides a great vaping experience without allowing any vapor to escape until you depress the mouthpiece to use. 


Vape Juices

If you haven’t visited our vape juice selection yet, get ready to fill your shopping cart! If you can’t quite narrow down a few flavors or brands you’d like to try, have a look at some of our customer favorites.

Mr. Salt-E E-Liquid Munchies has a fruity cereal flavor that everyone loves and is offered in 25mg and 45mg strengths.

Nkd 100 Salt E-Liquid in Lava Flow is an extremely popular tropical fruit blend of strawberries, pineapple, and coconut.

Nkd 100 Salt E-Liquid in Brain Freeze is another favorite, made up of a refreshing blend of strawberries, kiwi, and ruby red pomegranate. You just can’t beat a good tropical blend. 

Note: the Nkd Salt items are not intended for certain systems and do contain higher levels of nicotine per milliliter.

Bomb Sauce E-Liquid in Classic Peppermint, a minty favorite,  has been a huge hit and comes in various sizes and strengths.

Milk By the Pound is one you’re sure to enjoy. It combines the sweet flavor of pound cake with a glass of milk. Delicious! Milk By the Pound is offered in a 60mL size, with your choice of strength.

Cigar Cutters

If you’re shopping for a cigar cutter, we have a large selection for you to choose from. Choosing a quality cutter helps keep your cigar intact, and each style of the cutter can offer a different benefit to your smoking experience.

V Cutters

The V cutter creates a wedge shape at the top of your cigar and provides a more controlled draw as well as a cleaner cut, once you master your technique. Due to the smaller size of the opening a V cutter creates, you will notice less of a draw than with a straight cutter. The Colibri Cutter V Cut works well on large 60+ ring gauges as well as torpedoes. This cutter has an ergonomic design, spring-load release, and comes in your choice of nine colors. 

The Punch Cutter

A punch-style cutter only removes a small portion from the cigar tip and helps create an easy draw. Keep in mind, this style cutter will only work on round-capped cigars.  Xikar’s Pull Out Cigar Punch provides a 9mm punch and is the perfect portable accessory at only 2.62 inches. The sleek Pull Out Punch comes in black, silver, and gunmetal.

Single Blade Guillotine

A single blade cutter will create a large, smooth hole, providing an easy draw. Helpful tip: be sure to cut with a quick motion to avoid creating rough edges. Our Vertigo Cigar Cutters are lightweight, great for larger gauge cigars and very reasonably priced.

The Xikar 744 Cigar Cut Bead Blast is a single blade cutter and is definitely worth mentioning because of its multiple benefits. Built with AUS-8 stainless steel blades, this convenient tool serves as a pocket knife, money clip, and cigar cutter. What more could you ask for?

Double Blade Guillotine

This style uses a crossing double blade and when used correctly, it will create a clean cut, large hole and provide an easy draw. The Xikar XO Cutter offers stainless steel blades and an aluminum body. The Xikar XO comes in a wide variety of color combinations and is one of our top sellers.

Smoking Accessories

Need an accessory at a great price? Looking for a replacement piece? Make us your go-to for all your smoking accessory needs too. From ALD Amaze VFire Replacement Pods to Zippo Butane Fuel, we’ve got you covered.

One of our favorites and a top seller, the Atmos Studio Rig 510 Dry/Wax Attachment System, is a portable attachment that was designed to fit all your box mods and mod batteries. If you’re wanting to try out different heating chambers, this item gives you that option. The glass attachment helps cool vapors for a more enjoyable draw.

E-Cig Mods and Kits

If you’re looking for versatility, we have an entire section dedicated to e-cig mods, kits, parts, and accessories. Here are a few items we recommend taking a look at:

The Ooze Twist Lithium Battery is a fantastic piece to consider. With a stylish body in silver or black, and a 20-second auto shut off feature, the Ooze is available in 650, 900, and 1100mAh. 

We can’t get enough of the Yocan Uni Universal Portable Box Mod. Not only are you able to use any atomizer oil you choose, but it also has an adjustable height and width for atomizers of various sizes. It offers three voltage levels and a ten-second preheating function. The Uni is available in five colors.

Our customers love the OVNS JC01 Starter Kit as much as we do. With ten color choices, choosing your favorite may be the hardest part. This closed system has a slender body and can be tucked away in your clutch or pocket. This little guy can even use JC01 pods as well as JUUL pods. With a 0.7mL tank and long-lasting battery, there’s no question why it’s one of our top sellers.

Hot NEW Item

Looking for something a little different to try out? The Eagle Energy Caffeine Pen could be your new best friend. It’s a caffeine inhaler that provides you with instant energy. Made from all-natural ingredients, the pen comes pre-filled, does not contain sugar or calories, and is smoke-free. This is perfect to have with you whenever you need a fast-acting boost.

Meeting Your Needs

At Lighter USA, we want to offer you the choices and the knowledge you’re looking for. We hope that our favorite products help you find the vape that fits your needs, a new flavor of vape juice to try, or a new starter kit to add to your collection. Still, need some help putting together the right items to get started? Contact us anytime.