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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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OneVape's AirMOD 60: See What All the Talk is About!

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Introducing the new OneVape AirMOD 60! This small, powerful, and innovative vape is taking the world by storm and giving even some of the most well-known competitors such as Suorin a run for their money. Whether you are new to the vaping world, or a professional, the AirMod 60 offers a versatile salt vape option. Let's take a look at everything you need to know about the OneVape AirMOD 60

Multiple Colors to Fit Your Personality

The AirMOD 60 is available in 7 vibrant different colors including:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Mamba (In memory of Kobe Bryant)

Carry Discreetly Anywhere

This is the first pocket-sized Mod system available. It easily slides right into your pocket or purse with a width of only 12.9 mm. The AirMOD 60 has a modern, elegant, and sleek design that is perfect for any occasion. It is undoubtedly the most impressive mod system on the market today.

What are the Features of the AirMOD 60?

The AirMOD 60 looks great, but its performance is nothing short of stunning. Let's take a look at the innovative features that set this vape apart from anything else in its class. 

Tank Capacity

This device offers users an incredible 6ml tank capacity. This is astounding for a pocket-sized vape. 


The AirMOD 60 can go up to 60 watts and allows users an adjustable range of 5 to 60 watts.

3 Air Coils

This innovative vape contains 3 different coils for users, depending on what they are looking for out an experience. The 0.2-ohm dual mesh coil is for those who are cloud chasers. The 0.8-ohm is perfect for salt vapers who are looking for a quick and easy nicotine fix. The 0.5-ohm coil is for those who are looking for an experience anywhere in between. 

Air coils provide unsurpassed versatility for users and offer benefits including:

  • Rich flavor
  • Smooth taste
  • Heavy cloud
  • Quick heating speeds

It is important to note that even though the AirMOD 60 is a pocket-sized vape, thanks to the 3 air coils it has the capabilities of producing cloud if you are a cloud person. 

Air Sensor

A built-in air sensor allows users to vape directly without pressing a button.

Twin Turbine Engines

OneVape pulled out all the stops in its design on the AirMOD 60. Its power comes from the integration of new twin-turbine engines. 

User Features

AirMOD 60 is an exceptionally user-friendly draw-activated vape with a mini 0.69 inch LED screen. The unique quick charge fully charges your device within one hour, ensuring your AirMOD 60 is always ready when you are and can be used with either regular juice or salt nicotine juice depending on your preference.

An Abundance of Protection Features

OneVape takes the protection of you, your device, and your children very seriously. For this reason, they incorporated an abundance of safety features into the AirMOD 60. 

  • Children Protection - Prevents children from playing with, using, or accidentally turning on the device
  • Overtime Protection - Prevents atomizer's could and cotton from being burned
  • Short-Circuit Protection - Protects the battery when a short-circuit is detected by not allowing the circuit to return
  • Overcharge Protection - Ensures that the battery is not damaged due to overcharging
  • Over Temperature Protection - Makes sure that the device works within the recommended temperature range
  • Output Over-Current Protection - Closes the output current when it exceeds the maximum limit
  • Standby Protection - The device goes into standby mode automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity
  • Max Power Protection - Intelligently matches the power with each coil and ensures it doesn't go above its maximum limit, preventing coils from burning out

It is obvious that safety was at the forefront of the design, allowing users to have a more enjoyable experience knowing their device is protected. 

OneVape AirMOD 60 Vs. Suorin Air

It's easy to see why the AirMOD 60 is such an incredible device and comes as no surprise that it has revolutionized the world of mods. Let's see how it stacks up to one of their well-known competitors, Suorin Air. 


When it comes to battery size the AirMOD 60 boasts a 1500mAh while the Suorin Air's battery is only 400 mAh. 

Tank Capacity

Users enjoy an unheard of 6 mL capacity tank with the AirMOD 60. Suorin Air on the other hand has a much smaller tank capacity at 2 mL.


Suroin Air is a simple device that does not have any displays. The AirMOD does provide users with a mini LED screen for added convenience.

Activation Mechanism

It is a tie in this category. Both devices are conveniently draw-activated.

Maximum Wattage

Suorin Air has a maximum wattage of 16W. AirMOD 60 has a maximum wattage of 60W with a range from 5-60W depending on user preferences. This makes AirMOD 60 a much more powerful and versatile device.

Air Coils

The integration of 3 air coils is what sets the AirMOD 60 apart. Suorin Air only has one coil in the device. 

There is no doubt that Suorin Air is a quality product backed by a quality name. However, the AirMOD 60 provides just as high of a quality with a greater amount of power and unsurpassed versatility for a mod of its size. When it comes to price the AirMOD 60 is slightly more expensive than the Suorin Air, but all of the extras you get with the AirMOD 60 make it completely worth it. 

Get Your AirMOD 60 Today and See What All The Talk is About

Lighter USA is proud to offer such an innovative product from a reputable brand. The AirMOD 60 really is ahead of its time in terms of sophistication. We offer the AirMOD 60 Pod Kit with everything you need to get started. Purchase your favorite juice, fill it, and you're ready to start experiencing all that this device has to offer. The kit includes 1 device, 1 6 mL tank, 1 user manual, 1 USB cable, 1 warranty card, and 1 lanyard. When shop from Lighter USA, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a 100% authentic product. As always we offer free, discreet shipping, and free returns. Click here to get your AirMOD 60 today!

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