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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Lighter USA's Top 5 Favorite Disposables

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Disposables have been a long time favorite due to their ease of use and low to zero maintenance requirements. Their popularity has increased even more in recent months. As you may or may not be aware of, flavored pods were banned at the beginning of 2020. This ban has resulted in an increase in purchases of disposables. These are great alternatives for those who used to smoke Juul and Myle and smokers who wish to make the transition over to an easy way of smoking without having to deal with coils, juice, cleaning, charging, etc. How do you know which disposables are the best and which ones are right for you? Here at Lighter USA, we wanted to share our favorites with you. Without further delay let's dive into our top 5 and the reasons they made it on our list!

1. STIG Pods

STIG pods land squarely at the top of our list for favorite disposables. STIG offers superior quality and consistency compared to its competitors. They conveniently come in packs of three, so there is no need to buy multiple singles. The multiple-device packaging also makes them more cost-effective compared to other disposables on the market. This disposable requires zero maintenance and comes out of the box fully charged and ready for use. It contains 1.2 mL of the highly sought-after Salt Nic and Vgod e-juices. This is the only disposable that uses these two brands of juice. These are salt-based nicotines that absorb quicker in the bloodstream, delivering faster satisfaction. Each unit is 6.0% nicotine by volume which is the equivalent of approximately 20 cigarettes. Users enjoy the compact size that allows them to easily and discreetly store it in their pockets no matter how active their lifestyles may be. 

2. Mr. Vapor

Mr. Vapor disposables may be new to the market, but it has taken the vaping world by storm, making it our runner-up. The first thing you will notice is that this disposable has an eye-catching, sleek design. It's sophisticated, modern design makes it perfect for hanging around the house or a night out with your friends. It does an exceptional job of equally blending flavors together for a phenomenal taste. Each pod is 1.3 mL and can last for over 400 puffs. Mr. Vapor contains 5.0% of nicotine juices per unit. This product contains salt nicotine juices and is known for a tight draw and strong vapor production. It has a long-lasting battery and is the perfect disposable for both beginners and experienced vapors alike.

3. Posh/Posh Plus

Our third favorite disposable, the Posh has a texture and finish that sets it apart from its competitors. Each unit contains 1.8 mL of juice capacity making it one of the largest by volume and 6.0% concentrated nicotine salts. Posh comes fully charged out of the box with a 280 mAh battery. Users love its ultra-compact lightweight design which measures only 3 inches long. Easily slip it into the smallest of pockets and enjoy discreet use. 

Posh was so popular that the Posh Plus is now available! The new version is much larger with a higher juice capacity of 2.0 mL, 6.0% nicotine, and a larger battery that is perfect for those who love Posh but need just a little more. Its cylindrical shape feels good in your hand and on your lips. Check out more about this very popular disposable here.  

4. Myle Mini

If you loved Myle, then you will love the Myle Mini and the Myle Mini 2. The Myle mini carries the same great quality and taste like the beloved Myle and lands in our 4th spot of favorite disposables. It comes in a 2-pack, which makes it slightly cheaper than buying singles. Users appreciate the silky smooth draw which also accompanies the full-size device. Myle mini contains 1.2 mL of juice capacity, 5.0% nicotine, and gives users about 320 puffs.

The Myle Mini's successor, Myle Mini 2 is just 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, this device is perfect for users who are on-the-go and live an active lifestyle. This device has a juice capacity of 1mL and contains 5.0% nicotine. Myle Mini 2 uses salt nicotine and provides users with about 245 puffs per unit.

5. Puff Bar

The Puff Bar not only has a really cool name but many cool features that land it in our fifth and final spot. This disposable is known for having one of the widest varieties of flavors to choose from. As of right now, they have over 20 flavors available and more to come. The Puff Bar has 1.3 mL juice capacity, 5.0% nicotine, and uses salt nicotine e-juices. It is powered by a 280 mAh battery and offers over 300 puffs per device.

We are excited to announce that the Puff Bar Plus has officially been released. This beast of a disposable will contain 3.2 mL of juice, a powerful 550 mAh battery, and an astounding maximum of 800 puffs per device. These capabilities are unheard of in a disposable and will make it the largest disposable on the market! Check out more about the Puff Bar Plus here.

Which Disposable is Right for You?

That's up to you! Everyone is different and everyone's preferred disposable may be as well and that's okay! They all have unique strengths that appeal to different types of disposable users. This is just our humble opinion as to the top 5 disposables currently on the market. There are of course many more great choices such as the Nitro Cold Brew Solos, Pop Disposables, TWST, Helix, Mojo, and so many more. All of these can be found on our website for easy feature comparison.

Disposables are great for those who do not want the upkeep of a traditional vaping device. It's also a great way to decide which devices you like and which ones are not quite for you. If you are new to disposables and are not quite sure which one is the right one, who says you can't try them all? Maybe you are a veteran and want to expand your horizons. Whether you're new to disposables or old hat check out our full line of disposables! Don't forget, all of our disposables are included in the buy more, save more sale!

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