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Lighter USA Prouduct Spotlight: Peterson Sherlock Holmes Rathbone Smooth

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 In a luxury pipe market that's flooded with every pitfall from mass-produced, half-price imitations to overpriced, plastic phonies, a man must accept no substitutes: among the brands most trusted by pipe connoisseurs is Peterson of Dublin - the legend in handcrafted pipes, since 1865. Featuring the classic, Cavendish silhouette - which has come to signify sophistication and sharp class to all pipe smokers worldwide – Peterson Pipes of Dublin has outdone themselves with this triumphant Rathbone pipe. The elite quality of the pipe is evidenced - first and foremost - by its construction from an ultra-rare, centuries-old briar root, harvested from the Erica Arboria tree (native to the Ethiopian Highlands of East Africa). Once the shape of the body is meticulously molded, expert craftsmen perfect the smooth curvature of the foot and heel, which leads seamlessly into a beautiful, deep bowl; next, fine additions are made, such as the easy-to-maintain mortise and tenon.

While the ‘Sherlock’ pipe is the summit of men’s fashion, the smooth smoking of this Rathbone - which is owed to the innovative design of the stem and drought hole - is decidedly a step beyond the hordes of competition. Before even striking a match, one notices the chamber is extra deep and streamlined…maintaining a pleasant, constant burn for the full duration of your smoking pleasure. Yet, the most unique and dignified features of the Peterson Smooth Rathbone Pipe are also the most difficult to spot! Peterson’s patented ‘P’ lip is the industry’s most comfortable way to smoke for hours-on-end, while the robust, Peterson rim will emphasize the luxury by billowing the biggest clouds of smoke you've ever puffed. Most amazingly, at under $250 and with free shipping, this perfectionist-pipe will be the best ‘bang for your buck’ all year long. There is simply no better pipe to impress the family with on those long, summer nights…so, pave the way to decades of memories for you and your loved ones by treating yourself to this gentleman’s ‘dream-come-true’ today!

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