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Is Vaping Ready For Its Close-Up?

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Is Vaping Ready For Its Close-Up?

If you’ve been vaping for a long time, you may be noticing more terminology and blatant vape usage popping up in your everyday life. From television to music, references to vaping are becoming more and more common. In fact, more and more Hollywood celebrities are hopping onto the vaping train and picking up the hobby.

Though some long-time vapers may see it as a sort of cultural appropriation, it’s hard to argue that it’s pretty awesome to see famous figures such as Leonardo DiCaprio vaping on the beach. As a vaper, seeing respected television figures like Richard Hammond and famous musicians like the Flosstradamus crew embrace the world of vaping forms a closer connection with them than before.

However, sometimes the news sources taking and publishing these photos is less than respectable. In previous years, tabloids have published blurry, pixelated pictures of celebrities vaping with alarmingly negative words splashed across the page. Usually tied to smoking in the poorest possible way with no mention of health benefits, these articles and unflattering pictures would paint a bad picture of the vaping world.

Fortunately, in recent years this trend has been swinging around to the positive side. With the ever-growing popularity of the Internet, many of the shady news sources are not able to publish negative pictures at the rate that the actual celebrities are able to post positively to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Because of this, the awareness of vaping as a positive habit has been continuously rising. With celebrities like Katherine Heigl raving about the benefits of vaping, it’s hard not to get excited about the future of the industry.

The vaping industry lives and breathes off of celebrity endorsements, much like many other entrepreneurial economies and business ventures. Entertainment industries in America are some of the biggest money makers, and with social media pushing these Hollywood celebrities to even greater reach around the world both on and offline a single offhand comment about a hobby will get pushed to the top of news feeds globally. If a star speaks positively about a certain brand or company, then that company will see huge rises in profits and those celebrity’s fans giving their products a try. Conversely, someone well-known speaking out against a brand or a type of industry would critically harm that industry. Therefore, it’s imperative that more people speak positively about something that is becoming increasingly mainstream than speak against it.

With the ratio of famous people negatively speaking out against vaping versus those speaking positively about it constantly tipping more toward those speaking positively, the vaping industry is booming. As more people realize what a rewarding and fascinating hobby it is due to its proper portrayal in modern-day media, vaping is hitting the mainstream.


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