Diving in with the Yocan Dive Mini!

Diving in with the Yocan Dive Mini!

Lighter USA proudly introduces the Yocan Dive Mini! This new nectar collector style is different from the rest of the Yocan line that we offer. This is a great device for those who are veterans of smoking concentrate or ready to give it a try. Every Yocan product is designed with the highest quality craftsmanship and strives to elevate the smoking experience as well as the lifestyle of users. Eliminating harmful toxins consumed is a top priority of every endeavor that Yocan sets out on! Let's take a closer look at everything you need to know about Yocan's newest family member!

Overview of the Dive Mini

The Yocan Dive Mini is an easy to use wax vape that uses cutting edge technology. Users simply heat the tip and enjoy a session as they would with any other nectar collector. Users can take advantage of 3 voltage levels as well as the option to use a traditional mouthpiece or a glass one! Its slim, modern look makes it easy to discreetly enjoy sessions when on the go. However, what really sets the Yocan Dive Mini apart from Yocan's other products is that this device can be used in 4 different ways, providing ultimate versatility! Additional features at a glance include:

  • 400 mAH battery
  • 3 voltage levels (3.2v, 3.6v, and 4.2v)
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • Pass through charging
  • Glass globe or regular mouthpiece

4 Ways to Use the Dive Mini

Yocan's Dive Mini is technologically ahead of its time compared to other vaporizers on the market today. It offers 4 different ways to vape in one device. See vaping in a whole new light with this new level of versatility. Enjoy the Divi Mini in any of these 4 ways:

  1. Vaporizer - XTAL coil
  2. Vaporizer - Glass attachment with XTAL coil
  3. No loading pen with XTAL tip
  4. No loading pen with glass attachment and XTAL tip

Find the option you like and stick with it, or switch it up as often as you like!

Innovative XTAL Technology

The Yocan Dive Mini introduces new XTAL technology! Let's take a look at the XTAL coil and the XTAL tip. 


The Dive Mini comes with the XTAL coil. This new technology offers users an exceptionally smooth and pure session every single time.


Vape directly from the concentrate jar with the touch style coil of the XTAL tip. This means that users are able to enjoy more concentrate without having to worry about the restrictions of small chambers. Additionally, this innovative technology eliminates users having to fight with tools and a messy loading process. 

No Mess Magnetic Connection

Gone are the days of users having to deal with screwing on and off sticky threads. This modern design features a magnetic connection for both the mouthpiece and glass attachment parts. This not only saves you time but keeps your device and your hands clean.

Universal USB Charging

The Yocan Dive Mini features a built-in USB charging port. This means you can charge your device from virtually anywhere. Never miss a session due to the inability to charge your device again. As long as you have your power cord, you can ensure that your device is always ready to go!

Choose From 3 Voltage Levels

Everyone is different and your vaporizer should reflect this. The Yocan Mini Dive offers 3 adjustable voltage options to make sure that every user gets the perfect experience every single time! Want to switch it up from time to time? No problem! All you have to do is switch on the device and press the power button 3 times to toggle between the different voltage options. It is as simple as that!

Built for On-the-Go

Yocan understands that users need a device as mobile as they are! This is why their team focused on ensuring that the design is compact, discreet, and easy to take on the go, no matter where life takes you. The result is that the Dive Mini is one of the smallest, if not the smallest device on the market, yet just as effective as your larger vaporizers in the same class. It really is the best of both worlds!

Colors for Your Lifestyle

Users can choose between a modern black or a sleek silver that will fit in perfectly whether you are on a great outdoor adventure or out to dinner at an upscale restaurant. Better yet, get one of each!

Don't Forget the Accessories!

Make sure you are never caught unprepared by having the necessary accessories to go with your Yocan Dive Mini. 

  • Yocan Dive Mini Replacement Glass - Replacement glass attachment for your Yocan Dive Mini device. 
  • Yocan Dive Mini Coils - Comes in a pack of 5. Choose from the XTAL Tip to heat and touch your concentrate and inhale or the XTAL Regular Coil which is just for the regular pen-style dabbing experience...or get both! 

What's in the Box?

  • 1 Dive Mini Device
  • 1 XTAL coil
  • 1 XTAL tip
  • 1 glass attachment
  • 1 pick tool
  • 1 micro USB cable
  • 1 user manual

Experience Vaping in a Whole New Way!

The Yocan Dive Mini gives uses the absolute best of what a vaporizer pen is capable of at an affordable price point. Its 4 options built into one device combined with 3 voltage options and compact design makes it one of the most convenient vaping options on the market. There is no doubt that this technologically advanced device is designed for an exceptional overall user experience with plenty of personalization options to fit your needs!

Lighter USA proudly offers the Yocan Dive Mini along with both types of coils and glass attachments at the best prices you will find anywhere. Rest assured when you purchase from Lighter USA that you are receiving an authentic Yocan product with free, discreet, and fast shipping! See for yourself how the Yoan Dive Mini can transform your vaping experience. Get your Yocan Dive Mini here!