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A New Vape Revolution: RBAs and RDAs

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For those looking to step up their vaping level, it can be very intimidating. There are dozens to hundreds of various choices out there today, and it can be challenging to tell the difference. This takes time to decipher, and even once you think you know what you want you'll find there's something you like better.

Two of the choices include the RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) that's also known as a dripper and RBA (rebuildable atomizer), that's commonly used to refer to a rebuildable tank atomizer. If you're considering purchasing one of these items but aren't entirely sure what they are, continue reading below! Hopefully this'll help you decide what is perfect for you.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer or Dripper
This is by far the most common rebuildable atomizer on the market today that we carry here at Lighter USA. This item does not have any extra storage space for more juice, so all of the liquid is held in the wick and the coil. Sometimes there may be a spot called a pit, or well, attached to the bottom of the dripper just to store a few milliliters more of juice. It can be tough sometimes to decide what the benefit of having an atomizer without a tank. It actually makes for a nice experience because the juice is dripped directly into the atomizer. This leads to a beautiful hit with each breath. Furthermore, vapers don't have to re-drip as frequently as they believe they have to. For example, if the wick is fully soaked you can get 10-20 puffs out of it depending on the type of wick and resistance in the atomizer. For those looking to buy their first dripper, take apart the dipper to look at the number of posts in the equipment. Those with only two to three posts are simple enough for those experiencing their first dripper without getting overwhelmed.

These pieces of equipment are different from the RDAs above because they contain tanks, which hold extra juice. Therefore, these rebuildable atomizers operate similarly to a clearomizer in that vapers can use them constantly throughout the day without having to pour in more juice. Again, it's critical to take apart the rebuildable atomizer to see exactly what you're dealing with. It can be confusing but there are four main parts: the base, the chimney, the tank, and the top cap. Make sure you're comfortable taking it apart and putting it together, as well as that none of the parts are broken. The size of the tank might be something to take into consideration, along with the strength of the atomizer as this will influence the strength of the hit you get. For those using these for the first time, go with the Kayfun or the Russian, as these two models have been around for an extended amount of time and are proven to be easy to use, durable, and consistent.

As you can see, there are a couple of key differences between the RDA and the RBA, most notably that the RBA has a tank and the RDA drips directly onto the atomizer. People should examine the equipment closely to understand how it works and the strength of the hit they are receiving. In the end, both of these provide for excellent vaping experiences and are increasingly popular in the vaping community. Don't be afraid to give either of these a try at Lighter USA!

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